Written by Danielle Parks, Customer Impact Editor

I hear many questions and concerns as an editor for a mystery shopping company.  One of the most frequent questions I hear is how a shopper can get more shops.  This depends on several factors:

1. What is available in your area.  The number of shops you perform is dependent on how many are available within an area in which you are willing to travel.  Expanding your geographical limits will also expand the number of shops.  To make a short or long road trip more worth your while, try grouping together a string of shops in order to reduce time and expense.

2. One mystery shopping company may not be the only one with clients in your area.  As a shopper, you are always welcome to sign up with multiple mystery shopping companies.  Go to www.mysteryshop.org to see a list of legitimate companies that are members with the Mystery Shopping Providers Association (MSPA).  Being a registered shopper with more than one company increases your opportunities.


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3. Your willingness to try new types of shops.  Your forte might be restaurant shops, but don’t shy away from the other types of shops that a mystery shopping company can offer.  There are evaluations for grocery stores, retail stores, even some theme parks!  Being willing to try new types of shops will increase the number of jobs for your consideration.  Who knows, you may even find a new type of shop that you really enjoy!

4. Whether or not you are being notified on new shops.  There are a few ways to keep up-to-date on new shops.  You can check the Job Board through your shop log, which will pull up all of the available shops within a mile radius of your choosing.  Another great way is through the SHOP NOTIFIER app. This is a great way to get shop alerts without worrying about job postings getting lost in your emails.  Read more about it at http://www.sassieshop.com/site/shopnotifier_help.php.

5. Your performance on shops and the quality of the report.  It is very important for a mystery shopping company to be able to depend on you as a shopper.  Performing a shop according to the client’s instructions and providing a complete and well written report will earn you a good grade and good standing in the eyes of the schedulers and editors.

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