Promoting a Customer Centric Culture

Promoting a Customer Centric Culture A well-intentioned entrepreneur starts a business they’re excited about. They gain a loyal following, build rapport with clientele, and continue to attract new customers each day with their altruistic approach to customer service. [...]

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Spruce up Your Space

Studies have shown that personalizing your workspace can have an impact on not only job satisfaction, but on employee performance as well. Decorating your desk can make it feel more homey, and may even help you make a new friend [...]

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Let’s Talk about Scams

By Daniel Price, Customer Impact Project Manager We’ve blogged about scams before, but it’s always good have a refresher discussion about this sad fact of reality periodically. As soon as folks feel comfortable again, they can forget how easy it [...]

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Your Attitude is Your Choice

By Adrienne Dobson, VP of Operations Whether they're a coworker, friend, or family member, everyone knows someone who carries with a negative attitude. You can count on these people to always tell you how stressed they are, how hard they're [...]

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