By Mike Green

While we all expect great service at the Ritz Carton, not many of us expect WOW service at a gas station. I am lucky enough to still have a full service Shell station in my city, College Station, TX with eight service bays. They understand why the word “Service” was put in service station.

Last week I had a blowout on the interstate on the way to the office. Not the way to start my day but the thought of going to Sevcik’s Shell station brought a smile to my face. You see, as you enter, customers are always verbally greeted with an enthusiastic welcome. You are welcomed with a smile and then asked to make yourself comfortable in one of their plush leather reclining chairs, help yourself to the fresh pot of coffee and to enjoy the free morning newspaper as you watch the TV while they service your car. Oh, did I mention they still offer a full service lane at the gas pumps and yes, it is popular? They also offer free rides to home or work – yes at a family owned service station.

As I am sipping my coffee in my recliner, in comes the owner of a tow truck company. He has arrived to deliver free donuts to the Shell employees and the Shell customers as well. Not only were the Shell employees happy, I know the customers waiting for service were all smiling as well. I now know that I will call A1 wrecker service if I ever need a tow. Not because of the 10 cent free donut, but because I know they also understand that taking care of their customers is important to them.

The best service is unexpected service. What are you doing for your customers to make a difference?

Feature Image by: FreeDigitalPhotos