Written by Danielle Parks

The shoppers put a lot of work into both completing the shops and into filling out the reports.  Many shoppers even do multiple evaluations in one day!  It is therefore completely understandable that a few mistakes will be made in the comments.  Here are a few fun examples of such typos:

1. “When we first walked into the restaurant, there were two hostesses standing on the podium.”  Now, what are you ladies doing up there?

2. “The Greek salad was cold, crisp, and very fresh.  It was full of green peppers, customers, red onions, black Greek olives, capers, and feta cheese mixed with a generous amount of crisp greens. “ Mm mm mmmm….cannibalism

3. “The food was tasty, and the customer service was god.”  All hail!

sky4. “The Cowboy Ribeye was served on a sizzling hot plate and was pooping grease when served.”  That’s not right.

5. “I was hot and fresh.”  Who knew missing the letter “t” could make a sentence so great?

6. “The Diet Coke had the right amount of canonization.”  I know we all love Diet Coke, but sainthood?

7. “My sweat tea was excellent.”  Ew!

8. “The Friend Chicken Salad was delectable.”  Bob?  Is that you, my old friend?

9. “He said that when he returned, he would take us on a tour of the men.”  What are the instructions on this shop?

10. “The Masked Potatoes it came with tasted very good and fresh.”  Delicious side item by day, bandit by night.



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