Mystery shopping can seem like a daunting undertaking when your life is busy.   While juggling work, family, friends, hobbies and errands, how can you find the time to mystery shop?  Nowadays, we all are like the white rabbit, constantly late for a very important date.



Even when your days are filled to capacity, mystery shopping can easily fit within your schedule.  Here are two important things to remember:

Everyone needs to eat.  If you find mystery shops available at restaurants that you enjoy, a meal time can become the perfect mystery shopping opportunity.  Perhaps you need to grab some breakfast before work.  If there is a mystery shop available that is on your route to work, you can allow that to be a part of your morning.

Everyone needs to shop.  If you find mystery shops available at retail locations that you enjoy, your errands can double as a mystery shop.  Perhaps you need to find an outfit for a special occasion or you are in need of materials for a home maintenance project.  If one of your favorite stores needs to be mystery shopped, you can perform a shop while you are finding clothing or locating project materials.

Do not let your hectic schedule stand between you and mystery shopping. For those of you who already mystery shop, how do you balance your busy schedule and mystery shopping? I’m sure novice shoppers would love to hear your tips. If you do not currently perform mystery shops and are interested in finding some available shops in your area, you can sign up as a Customer Impact shopper at  Choose the Shoppers drop down menu and click on the New Shopper Sign Up.  Then you can take a look at our Job Board and find some shops that will fit into your busy schedule.



Blog Post Courtesy of Deborah Campbell (editor Customer Impact)



Featured Image by: FreeDigitalPhotos