By Amanda Morrissey, Editing Manager

They seem like the most basic of questions – How do I submit my report? How do I know it has been received? With so many companies and so many different sites, this can sometimes be a confusing process. For the Customer Impact site, here are a few tips that will help you know your work has been saved and submitted to us.

When you are first assigned, the shop status will show up as “New” in your log, as you see below:



This tells you that the shop has not been completed. When you are ready to complete the report, start by clicking the View/Submit link. Keep in mind that you will not be able to click View/Submit until you have downloaded the guidelines.


Clicking View/Submit will bring up the form and allow you to begin. Remember: you have 30 minutes to fill out the report, so if you are completing a more lengthy shop, you may want to save every 20 minutes or so. This will ensure that you do not lose any of your work.

Fill out your report carefully, making sure to answer all questions, fill in all required text blanks, and provide properly written narratives, like those on the sample, in each section. If the sample shows multiple paragraphs, be sure that your narrative has multiple paragraphs as well. Remember to comment on all No answers in each section also. Once you have spell checked and finished, click, “Complete Shop & Submit” in order to send your report to us:



NOTE: If you click “Save Shop For Later,” your report will NOT be submitted to us, so please keep that in mind! Only clicking “Complete Shop & Submit” will get your work to us.

Once you have submitted, you will receive one of two messages. This first looks like this:



This means that we have NOT received your report. There are errors that need to be corrected, usually questions that were accidentally skipped, or comments that do not meet the required minimum. Click, “Jump to the First OOPS,” and you will be taken to the areas in the report that need attention. Once you have corrected those, again click “Complete Shop & Submit.” When your report is complete, you receive this message:



This shows the report status as Completed and confirms that we received your work. Hint: It is always a good idea to save a PDF of your report, so you have it for reference if any questions arise. When your report is submitted, it will look like this in your shop log, with a status of Completed:



If the status says Incomplete, either your report was not fully submitted to us and still needs attention, or an editor has contacted you for revisions. In both of those situations, the report requires more information from you and needs to be resubmitted. A status of Hold A also indicates that an editor is following up with you. Be sure to respond to any requests for more detail as promptly as you can.

Once the report has been completed by the editing staff and sent to the client, it will show a status of Received, and you will see your score and feedback from the editors in the Shop Rating and Reviewer Comments columns:



This lets you know that your shop was accepted, reviewed, and sent to the client.

As always, if you ever have any questions about the status of your report, we are here to help! Please contact your scheduler, or feel free to contact me at Submitting your report in a timely manner is important, and we are happy to assist you with that whenever needed. Until then…happy shopping!



Featured Image by: FreeDigitalPhotos