By Amanda Morrissey (editing manager)

We all know that it takes many, many people to make a mystery shopping company successful.  From the big boss who is out every day searching for clients, to the programmers who keep the website running smoothly, to the schedulers and editors who work directly with the shoppers to make sure our clients’ needs our met.  Everyone is important, but do you know who are the most important people of all?  YOU, the mystery shoppers!  If we did not have shoppers, we absolutely could not make our business work.  We know we don’t say it enough, but we appreciate everything you do for our company to keep us going.  You are the backbone of this industry! 

We are always looking for more mystery shoppers as well.  We have an awesome referral program in place to put some extra money in your pocket with virtually no work needed on your end.  Have a friend or family member whom you think might make a great shopper?  Refer him or her to our website to sign up, and then let us know!  Once they have signed up in our system and completed their first shop for us, we will pay you $15 just for sending us the referral.  What could be easier than that?  We use shoppers all over the country, for many different types of assignments, and the best way we know to grow our shopper database is to ask YOU for help.  Some areas where we particularly need shoppers right now are as follows: Rock Springs, WY; Riverton, WY; Mineral Wells, TX; Del Rio, TX; Eagle Pass, TX; Refugio, TX; Cameron, TX; Madisonville, TX; Buffalo, TX; Centreville, TX; Ukiah, CA; Verona, NY, Audubon, PA; Philadelphia, PA; Warrington, PA; Bensalem, PA.  Of course, this is not an exhaustive list by any means, and ANY referrals are welcome at any time!

Again, we THANK YOU for all of your hard work and dedication to this business.  Whether you realize it or not, you are making a difference, one shop at a time!

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Featured Image by: FreeDigitalPhotos