by Meagen Clemens

It seems like more and more people are making the switch to going green and becoming eco-friendly. That is true for one of our shoppers, Florence McCarthy. As a homeowner, she looked into solar system options, but found the cost was upward toward $35,000. However, within the last six months to a year, solar companies have been offering lease options and leasing equipment. She was not familiar about this until performing her mystery shop.

She conducted the same survey for five different solar system companies. Florence compared each to uncover the industry standard and report on how companies are presenting to customers. The process began by obtaining an online quote from the companies and requesting an estimate only. From there, she spoke with each that offered to start the estimate process. Each inquired about her monthly electricity use and provided her with three payment options: a lease, zero-down to small deposit, or monthly payments.

After speaking with her preferred company and liking the leasing options, she got the solar system! Florence had no intentions of accepting the offer, but she could not pass up the affordable opportunity.

“They have come out to perform the inspection and are designing the system now. It should be installed within a month. This was something we looked into and never thought we could do. The timing was perfect,” said Florence.

In a recent update, Florence goes on to say, “The house passed the city inspection as of December 15. Hopefully we’ll be able to flip the switch by Christmas or New Year’s Day. We would not have been able to make the leap if it wasn’t for Customer Impact and my solar panel provider.”

Customer Impact is excited this opportunity has provided Florence with a solar system she has been wanting for her home! We look forward to following up once the system is in full use!
Feature Image by: FreeDigitalPhotos