Customer Impact offers comprehensive mystery shopping services to assist your customer experience research efforts. Our nationwide field team can gather information and evaluate your companies’ customer service practices.

Mystery Shopping

We offer a wide array of services ideal for differing industry needs, preferences, and budget. Traditional or bespoke, our solutions can easily accommodate your business setup. Customized service plans ensure comprehensive results and accurate perspectives on your customer service and organizational structures.

Web Surveys

Web Surveys are a great way to measure interactions throughout the entire process of the customer experience. Through consistent measurement, you and your decision makers will get a clear understanding of your customer’s journey.

Third-Party Delivery

We offer an inexpensive, systematic way to determine how contracted delivery services are treating your food when it leaves the restaurant.

See how your guests experience your brand when relying on third party delivery services.

Customer Feedback

IVR surveys (Interactive voice response) are an excellent way to collect your customers’ OPINIONS through a telephone call after their visit. We can provide an 800 number for your customers to call. A recorded voice will lead them through a dozen or so questions, and they will answer by hitting a few keys. 


Our restaurant mystery shopping services measure your customer service and customer’s experience. The results can ensure compliance, maximize sales, and help you reward your stars.


Common areas to measure include service, timeliness, product knowledge, sales skills, staff appearance, cash handling, pricing, product displays, availability of products, safety issues and more.


Hospitality Mystery Shopping offers a unique and effective market research tool to help you know what your customers think of you and what you can do to “wow” them at all times.


Grocery stores often serve a high volume of people each day. With this comes the expectation that their customer service standards will be followed for each and every customer. In order to evaluate their personnel in a real environment, our clients hire us to perform mystery shopping and give feedback on how these companies do and how they can perform better. This allows a better experience for each and every shopper.


Customer Impact offers financial institution mystery shopping for banks, savings and loans, credit unions, and investment companies.


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