Web Surveys are a great way to measure interactions throughout the entire process of the customer experience. Through consistent measurement, you and your decision makers will get a clear understanding of your customer’s journey.

We offer a wide array of Customer Satisfaction Surveys (CSAT) & mystery shopping service options for your needs, preferences, and budget. Our solutions ensure comprehensive results and accurate perspectives on your customer service.

The reporting dashboard provides a suite of reports to analyze your in-store results.

  • Company Dashboard shows a high-level overview of your company’s overall performance.
  • Section Dashboard summarizes and analyzes results by survey section.
  • Trending Dashboard shows your results over time.
  • Survey Summary shows the response distribution for all scored questions.
  • Text Summary shows all responses to text questions.
  • Target Summary summarizes the performance of all reporting targets.
  • Target Detail analyzes a target’s performance in detail.

Report Highlights:

  • Monitor your company’s overall performance.

  • See recent evaluations

  • Spot highest and lowest scores

  • See score distribution

Reporting Demo:

Receipt Example Photos:

Web Surveys 1
Web Surveys 2
Web Surveys 3

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