The reports are to be completed immediately following your visit to ensure that the information reported is accurate and complete. You may not fill out the forms while performing the shop. Remember that the staff is not supposed to know you are there. If they know or suspect that you are a mystery shopper, they will raise their level of service, and we cannot provide our clients with accurate and objective information. If they determine that you are a mystery shopper while you are completing your assignment, there is a good chance that we will not be able to use the report or pay you for the shop.

Reports are to be completed and submitted within 24 hours of your completing the shop. The reports are completed by going to our website,, clicking on the “Shoppers” tab, then going to “Shopper Login.” We will not accept reports by mail, email or fax. The 24-hour time frame allows the editors at Customer Impact the opportunity to read the reports, contact the shoppers clarify any problems and submit the report to the client within a five-day period. Timeliness is vital to our clients. If additional information is needed, editors will contact shoppers via either e-mail or phone within two to four days of the shop being submitted, in most cases. It is important to be available for follow-up after submitting the report. If we are not able to reach you for clarification, the shop may not be used.