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Retail Merchandiser FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Retail Merchandiser FAQ can answer all of your questions about becoming a field representative for Customer Impact.

We could not succeed without our wonderful retail merchandisers and field representatives. We look forward to working with you, and are happy to have you as part of our team.

Welcome to the exciting world of Retail Merchandising!

What is the contact information for Customer Impact?2020-08-24T18:42:56+00:00

View our Contact Page

Do I need to complete an Independent Contractor Agreement?2020-08-24T18:41:07+00:00

When you accept a new assignment with Customer Impact, you are accepting the terms of the Customer Impact Independent Contractor Agreement.

Do I have to provide my Social Security Number?2020-08-24T18:42:10+00:00

You can defer when you first sign up, but in order for us to be able to pay you for your completed assignments we will either need your SSN or your Tax ID/EIN (Employer Identification Number) to be verified by the IRS.

If you wish to not provide your SSN to us, you can apply for an EIN through the EIN Application Assistant at or for free through the official website.

What is Retail Merchandising?2020-08-24T18:22:10+00:00

Retail Merchandising is a support resource that assists brands and retailers in process of selling their products. Conditions constantly change in the retail environment, and many facets of the retail process need to be regularly monitored and updated.

The core of the retail merchandising process involves the visual organization and placement of products and signage in stores.

Where do I sign up, or view available opportunities?2020-12-04T22:43:43+00:00

If you are interested in becoming a field representative for our company, please fill out a profile with us so you can get into our system and database.

After registering, you’ll have access to the job board to apply for the open projects in your area.

You can register here.

How will I be paid?2022-05-24T16:32:18+00:00

Representatives can be paid through direct deposit with funds from Customer Impact deposited directly into your checking account. This method is strongly encouraged and can be done by changing your method of payment in your shopper profile, or contacting Chris Reynolds at

All other field representative payments are processed through PayPal, and your email address on file with our company should match the email address you use for your PayPal account. Payments to all representatives are made between the 20th and 25th of the month, for the previous month’s assignment.

Example: A shop completed in the month of July will be paid between the 20th and the 25th of August.


For Canadians:

PayPal is the only payment method currently available for our Canadian field representatives

  • The day the assignment is processed, the Project Manager converts the amount to USD per the current conversion rate of that day.
  • When funds are deposited to the representative’s PayPal account, the amount is in USD.
  • Once the funds are in the field representative’s PayPal account, it is up to the representative to convert the funds to CAD.
  • Please keep in mind that whenever you refer to Canadian assignments in your log, the amounts will always be listed in USD.
How does Customer Impact determine which Field Representative to schedule?2020-08-24T18:36:44+00:00

Field Representatives who follow the guidelines and make our job easier will receive the majority of assignments. Representatives who submit their assignments at the last minute, or late, will not be likely to be rescheduled. If we have to make long distance calls every month to clarify your assignments, then that indicates that the projects are not being performed effectively. This affects our ability to serve our clients efficiently.

Factors include:

  • Must meet the profile of the client.
  • Ability to complete assignments as instructed.
  • Ability to follow instructions, and accurately complete projects.
  • Ability to complete assignments on time.
  • Physical location
  • Prior experience with retail merchandising, and/or our company.

About your Profile: You are much less likely to be chosen for an assignment if your profile contains ALL CAPS or all lowercase letters, Please use proper capitalization.

About Required Questions: Some project applications may require you to answer a mandatory question. When answering this question, it would benefit you to use proper spelling, grammar, punctuation, and capitalization.


What if I no longer wish to complete projects on behalf of Customer Impact?2020-08-24T18:38:57+00:00

Should you not wish to work with Customer Impact as a field representative, simply log in as you normally would through your profile, and deactivate your account.

Who should I contact if I have a question about an assignment?2020-08-24T18:44:58+00:00

It is best to contact your Project Manager via email or phone. You can find individual contact information here.

Note: Rather than send a message through SASSIE, it is advised to contact your Project Manager directly through phone or email.

If you are attempting to contact a Project Manager after business hours or during the weekend, please be aware that you will not receive a response until the following business day.

Some helpful tips when communicating with your Project Manager include:

  • Be honest.
  • The three P’s: Prompt, polite and professional.
  • Be clear and concise in your message and/or inquiry.
  • Use proper capitalization, spelling, and grammar. (Email)
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