Program Pricing

Customer Impact Program Pricing

Program pricing is different for every retail program, as each approach has unique goals and challenges. Please refer to the information provided below to get a better idea of how our program pricing is calculated. The overall price of a project or program is contingent upon a combination of factors. 

Cost Variables

Lead Time
The time between initiation and expected start date of the program.

The overall expected timeframe of program completion.

In-Store Task Time
The expected timeframe of a single location visit, based on the number and complexity of tasks to be completed. For example:

Data Points
Number of SKUs

Overall Location Total
The overall number of locations to be visited during the program.

Location Distribution
The type of area in which the locations are distributed and the ease of accessibility.

Large Metro
Small/Medium Cities

Task Number
The number of actions/photos to be taken, and questions answered about the product.

The requirement of a representative to make contact before a store visit, or establish contact once on-site. This also includes specifications for proper identification or permissions granted to complete the visit.

The physical component of adding or replacing products/promotional material/signage. This also includes the potential location of the materials, whether already on shelves, located in backstock, or shipped directly to the Customer Impact representative.

The requirement that a specific location be visited again if service is denied or the visit is unable to be completed due to unforeseen circumstances.

Time, Location, and Complexity of the program are used to determine the overall program scale.

The contract of a program being either one-time or ongoing.

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