Retail Merchandisers

Retail Merchandiser Work

As our business continues to grow, we are always looking for Retail Merchandisers ready to work on the many upcoming projects with retailers in your area.

Our Retail Merchandisers are on-demand, with assignments being primarily project-based.

Job Board

We have multiple opportunities across the U.S. with more on-demand gigs added daily to the job board.

Choose and apply to assignments through our online web portal.

General Project Duties

  • Product placement and replenishment
  • Stocking/restocking
  • Planogram maintenance
  • Display/Fixture Assembly

Required Skills & Abilities

  • Basic knowledge of retail terminology and concepts
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Effective time management and scheduling
  • Work efficiently with a high level of independence and initiative
  • Detail-oriented, with the ability to follow exact direction/instruction
  • Read, understand, and execute planograms
  • Problem solving


Signing up is completely free. Once registered, you’ll gain access to the Job Board where you can begin applying for available opportunities in your area.

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To Our Retail Merchandisers

We thank all Retail Merchandisers who have completed assignments on our behalf. We appreciate your hard work in helping take in-store actions that positively impact our customers’ businesses.

We strive to always ensure that our retail merchandisers are fully equipped to perform assignments efficiently, accurately, and with the highest level of integrity.

New Retail Merchandisers

If you are not a current retail merchandiser and wish to join, please visit the New Retail Merchandiser Registration page and apply today to join our team.

What our retail merchandisers are saying:

“I love Customer Impact. You guys are probably tied for my favorite company. But you guys are top notch — the nicest people who actually respond, etc. Thank you!!!”

Tera S.

“I am blessed that I have been given the chance to do work like this. I want to say that out of the 5 companies I first stared with I really love yalls. You all are quick to reply to an email if there is an issue or a question which is much appreciated.”

Crystal P.

“I must say, Customer Impact has been one of the best, if not the best Merchandising companies that I have worked with. Always a pleasure.”

Mike P.

“I am glad to be able to help you since you have been so wonderful to work with, always responsive and willing to adjust dates to fit my schedule. I really appreciate everything you do for me.”

Huma F.

“I am very comfortable with all of you at CI which makes my life and yours easier. I look forward to many more projects together with all of you.”

Julie B.

“Amazing team to work with out of the many folks I’ve worked with in the industry. The ability to communicate freely and openly with you guys is awesome and the fact that you’re just keeping the lines of communication open is a nice change.”

Mark C.

“Being self employed can get rough at times and you feel like there are days where you are failing everyone. I appreciate your constant support. Not every company I work with is like that!”

Miette M.

“Your company is my favorite to complete assignments with. I enjoy what I do and all the opportunities.”

Christy M.

“Thank you and the amazing leaders who make my job easy in order to make an impact in what we do.”

Kevin B.

“I enjoy doing work for Customer Impact more than anyone, to be honest, almost all the shops I do are for your company.”

Kristina R.

“Customer Impact is my top favorite to complete assignments for. I like the change from my regular job.”

Richard W.

“Can I just compliment Customer Impact on the great communication and support for the field agents. You set us up for success, work with us with scheduling and are always there when I call!

Thank you for allowing me to be part of your team!”

Beth B.

“Thank you for giving me the tools I need to do a good job.”

Julie H.

“I really do enjoy shopping for you and truly think of you as one of the top companies out there.”

Gabrielle R.

“I have only been performing shops for about 6 months, but I have to say I enjoyed working with your company.  I feel like the guidelines were very clear and well written.”

Linda P.

“Anything for you guys – truly the best out there. Always so respectful, kind, appreciative, not annoying. You also respond to e-mails, give good feedback.

All around fantastic company!”

Tera S.

“You guys are my favorite company to work with!”

Maria M.

“With a lot of companies, the schedulers expect a response immediately, but when we email or call them, we are lucky to ever get any kind of response. So – for that – THANK YOU.

I have recently made the decision to only work with two companies – and one is Customer Impact.”

Kathy W.

“I called with a stupid question, but you were patient and helped me. I wanted to make sure that you know there are reps who appreciate their schedulers. Thank you again for helping this morning.”

MaryAnn S.

Getting Assignments as a Retail Merchandiser

Once you’ve created your account and logged in, you will be able to see all retail merchandising assignments currently posted to the Retail Merchandiser Job Board. The Job Board defaults to a 20mi radius in relation to your profile’s address, but you are able change the range in order to look for assignments in other areas/cities.

From there, you can view details about various opportunities and apply to assignments. A Customer Impact scheduler will then review your application for approval.

Customer Impact’s work is largely project-based, so there may be a lull between projects. It’s possible that retail merchandiser opportunities are unavailable in your immediate area, or the locations near you have already been assigned to other field representatives. In this case, we encourage you to widen your search area to see if there are more retail merchandising opportunities available.

Preparing for an assignment as a Retail Merchandiser

After you’ve been assigned a project as a Retail Merchandiser, the first step is to download and read the Guidelines for the project (found in the Shop Log).

The majority of our projects utilize the GoSpotCheck App, so you will also be invited to download the app on your mobile device and create an account.

You will receive a “Welcome Email” from our project team that includes this information, along with guidance to supplement the project guidelines.

Once you’re logged into the GoSpotCheck app and have received any/all necessary materials, you’re ready to go out and perform the assignment as a Retail Merchandiser!

If there are any questions about your assignment, please reach out to your project manager for assistance. Contact information can be found on the Contact page.

Completing an assignment as a Retail Merchandiser

While on assignment at your designated Retail Merchandising location, you will utilize the GoSpotCheck app to answer questions and capture in-store photos. After all relevant information has been gathered, click the “Submit” button to upload the completed survey.

To confirm your response has been uploaded properly, check the “Activity” tab within the app. Mission Responses that read “Submitted” have been fully uploaded, and will be reviewed by Customer Impact’s Quality Assurance team.

Please contact your Customer Impact scheduler if you are experiencing issues uploading the completed mission response.

Retail Merchandiser Payment

For more information about payment, please reference our Retail Merchandiser FAQ.

Scam Warning

Our company NEVER conducts projects involving check cashing or money transfers. We NEVER ask our representatives to send us money. If someone posing as a representative of our company ever contacts you with a check, asking you to deposit it and wire money to anyone else, call us at 1.800.677.2260 before you try to cash the check. It’s almost certainly a scam!

We have also been made aware of a recent rash of unsolicited, generic emails being sent to people using our company name. If you receive any questionable email with our name on it or that does not come from someone you know works for Customer Impact, please do not hesitate to contact us and ask if it is legitimate. Emails from our company that request any kind of personal information will always come from a Customer Impact email address, We want to be sure all of our shoppers are protected!

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