Retail Merchandiser Tips

Tips for Retail Merchandisers

Below you will find and extensive resource of information to assist you in becoming an effective and efficient Retail Merchandiser.

These tips are organized into the following sections:

  • Before Your Store Visit — Preparation
  • During Your Store Visit — Details
  • After Your Store Visit — Quality Control

Before Your Store Visit – Preparation

  • Prepare yourself! 

    Thoroughly review the assignment guidelines so that you know exactly what to do while on-location.

    If there is a shipping component to the project, then make sure you have received the necessary materials to complete your assignment.

    Familiarize yourself with the GoSpotCheck App, it’s functionality, and layout. You will need to be comfortable navigating it while you’re in the field.

    If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact a Customer Impact staff member!

    Quick Material Checklist:

    • GoSpotCheck App (up-to-date software)
    • Materials (if there is a shipping component)
    • Letter of Authorization (if provided)
    • Smile (don’t worry, be happy)
  • Keep your personal contact information up-to-date in your Shop Log.

    It’s important that this information is correct so that we’re able to contact you and ship materials to the correct location.

    Please notify your Scheduler if you know in advance that you will not be available to reach via your provided contact information.

    Verify that all of your information listed in your Shop Log is current, most importantly:

    • Phone numbers
    • Email address
    • Physical address
  • Ask questions. 

    We are here to help you and want to ensure that you have the necessary knowledge/tools to properly complete your assignment. Do not hesitate to call our office or email us.

    Please ask if you have any questions about any portion of an assignment (dates, requirements, etc.) There are no silly questions, especially if it helps you understand the assignment requirements.

  • Be a professional.

    Keep in mind that you are a representative, and are responsible for conducting yourself as such. Stores provide feedback regarding the quality and professionalism of our representatives. The most successful individuals are those that maintain professional conduct in their interactions, attire, and conduct.

    We will not be able to assign projects to you if we cannot rely on you to dress and act appropriately.

  • Complete the assignments that you have accepted.

    Know that the act of accepting an assignment and failing to complete it as scheduled could result in your account being deactivated.

    If you find that you have accepted a project or route of store visits and will not be able to complete them, then contact your scheduler IMMEDIATELY.

    Depending on the assignment, it may be possible for the dates to be extended. The sooner you contact your scheduler, the more likely it is that we can work with you. Communication is key, so do not be afraid to contact us if there is a problem.

During Your Store Visit – Details

  • Tips for checking-in with store staff and asking permission during your store visit:

    Be confident and respectful in how you approach and interact with store staff.

    The more preparation you did regarding the visit, the more informed you will be about the specifics of the assignment. Being able to answer questions and provide information to store staff will allow you to have much more success in your ability to accomplish the objective.

    If you are provided with a Letter of Authorization (LOA), it’s always best to print a physical copy to present during your visit.

  • Let the GoSpotCheck app be your guide.

    Along with the guidelines, the question/task order of the GoSpotCheck mission is designed to flow in a way that is natural. This planned order allows you to complete the store visit efficiently and ensure your success.

    The descriptions under each question often give you helpful details about where to find things or what to do next too.

  • Detailed reporting is important.

    Please take the time to provide detailed information about your experience via the question responses. Especially if something did not go as intended, or you feel a further explanation is necessary.

    We allow for final photos and comments at the end of each mission. The more context you can provide, the better we can help you, or the customer.

  • Tips for staying undercover (for unannounced Retail Audits):

    When taking any required photos, you can pretend like you’re texting or doing something on your phone.

    Don’t stay too long in any one spot. Circle back around a second time if you need to gather more information.

    Have a good story in mind in case you are approached by store staff.
    Ex: “I am planning a party and looking at the pricing of various items so I can make a decision on what to buy and how much.

    Be sure to answer all questions on the GoSpotCheck App while on-location at the store or site.

After Your Store Visit – Quality Control

  • Before submitting the completed mission, ask yourself the following:

    Did I answer everything honestly?

    Did I complete the tasks I was asked to complete?

    Did I document the required names and information?

    Did I make sure to provide context to anything the CI team would want to know about my visit?

  • While still on-location at the store, submit the completed mission through the GoSpotCheck.

    Please submit the mission while you are still at the site to avoid any unnecessary confusion. All store visits are time-stamped and geo-verified for accuracy, so submitting the mission while you are still physically at the location is very important.

    If you encounter a scenario where your cellular signal is low, you can still press submit while on-location and the data will be pushed through when you get to an area with better cellular signal.

  • Confirm that your submission was finalized.

    After submission, please wait to hear back from the Customer Impact QC team, or check your shop log for finalized confirmation.

    Our Quality Control team reviews every submission for accuracy before finalizing. You may be contacted to provide further clarification if we have questions or possibly asked to return to correct an error.

    Please make yourself available to the CI Operations team, as we cannot finalize a submission (and prepare payment) until the above issues have been resolved. As part of your profile, you will receive a grade for each completed mission.

    Be sure that each of your assignments shows a status of “Completed” in your Shop Log.