Retail Services

Customer Impact Retail Services

Customer Impact offers comprehensive retail solutions to assist your brand in-store. Our nationwide field team can gather information, replace products & signage, update packaging & promotional materials, and much more.


Customer Impact is the full-service resource for all of your in-store retail merchandising needs.

Our goal is to keep you looking your best in-store and on-shelf.

Whether it’s ongoing brand improvement or a one-time project, our merchandising services provide flexibility and support to help you drive sales at retail.

Retail Audits

Retail Audits & Surveys are a great way to gather in-store information about your products, signage, and promotions. 

We’re here to serve you, whether you need third party audits, feet on the street to serve as your field staff, or just want to learn more about the competition.

Our nationwide team of over 100,000 Impact Field Representatives provides the eyes and ears needed to gather key insights about your stores or products.


We offer retail merchandising fulfillment as a complement to our regular in-store merchandising services. The advantage being that your materials are organized and shipped straight from our headquarters to our field team — who then place your products and displays in-store.

Point of Care

Customer Impact provides third-party physical audits to support your healthcare PoC marketing efforts.

Proudly recognized as an acceptable physical auditor by the Point of Care Communication Council (PoC3).

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