Customer Impact survey indicates Holiday spending will be the same or less than last year.

The U.S. retail industry is in the thick of the holiday season with most industry experts reporting increased sales revenues over last year. Yet a recent survey from Customer Impact, a leading customer satisfaction firm, indicates that 83% of shoppers will spend about the same as last year or less, and only 17% believe they will spend more than 2011. Savvy shoppers will be looking for holiday items at supercenter stores, traditional department stores and online retailers primarily, and spending an average of $732. Seventy-three percent of shoppers report that a fixed budget will be in place to manage costs and 45% will have a little wiggle room and flexibility in that budget.

Shoppers surveyed plan to use multiple resources to track sales and promotions, with printed store circulars, email alerts, Internet searches and store websites the most common tools.

It looks like there’s plenty of shopping left to do and a longer shopping window in 2012 than previous years. The survey panel reported that about 37% of shopping was completed before December 1st, with a whopping 63% of purchases left to do before the big day, spreading the holiday spending out the full season. The Saturday before Christmas is often a busier shopping day than Black Friday, as consumers look for more deeply discounted merchandise.

This year, how will your holiday gift spending compare to last year?



Just 17% of shoppers indicated they will spend more than last year.


What ONE TYPE of retail store do you plan to purchase MOST of your holiday gifts?


74% of respondents will do MOST of their holiday shopping in a supercenter, online or traditional department store.


Will you set a fixed budget for Holiday spending this year?


83% of survey respondents will set a budget this year.


Which one method used most frequently to track store promotions and sales for Holiday gift buying?


Traditional printed store circulars tops the list.


The consumer panel was made up of 2,866 individuals across the United States who responded to the survey between November 30 and December 5, 2012. Customer Impact partners with all types of retail organizations nationwide to improve sales, profits and growth potential through mystery shopping, customer satisfaction and retail compliance surveys. Customer Impact is located in College Station, TX. Customer Impact Info 800-677-2260



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