Step 1: Go to PayPal and sign up for a free PayPal account. You can also learn about PayPal on their site, which will answer most of your questions. Click on HELP, and the most popular questions are answered.

PLEASE NOTE: Your email address in PayPal must match the email address that you use for our Gateway web site.

Step 2: Customer Impact will send the funds to PayPal, and they will automatically credit money to your account for any shops completed the prior month.

Step 3: You will receive an e-mail titled CUSTOMER IMPACT PAYMENT AVAILABLE. Do not delete this e-mail.

Step 4: Open your e-mail, and with a click of the button, you can: Do not delete this e-mail.

  • Send the money to your bank account
  • Use it to send a payment to someone else
  • Use the PayPal virtual debit card to shop anywhere online
  • Sign up for the PayPal Money Market Reserve Fund to earn a return on your PayPal balance
  • Request a PayPal ATM/Debit Card, and spend the money anywhere the MasterCard or Cirrus logos are displayed, or withdraw the money from an ATM