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Deals on Meals

For anyone who stays plugged into social media, the number of National Days for random food items, trends, and even professions can be pretty staggering. At any given moment, there’s bound to be a hashtag circulating to celebrate custard, walnuts, or soufflés. While this pervasive attitude of celebration is quite a nuisance to some, it works in favor of the countless restaurants that are seeking new methods of attracting customers.

Deals for Days

Just this week, on May 28th, America celebrated National Hamburger Day. Some national days admittedly slip through the cracks, but Burger Day isn’t one of them—especially not the day after Memorial Day, when many rediscover their taste for a good burger during holiday cookouts and family gatherings. Restaurant chains across the nation showed up and out for the hallmark of American cuisine by offering free and discounted food. Let’s take a look at some of those options.

  • BOGO Burgers at Jack in the Box allowed guests to take two of their burger of choice for the National Day.
  • Since it’s also graduation season, Potbelly Sandwich Shop offered BOGO sandwiches to customers who could bring in their student ID cards or their tassels from a recent ceremony.
  • Guilty pleasures gave back at Umami Burger, where every Truffle Burger purchase automatically sent $1 to Meals on Wheels.
  • Close to home for Customer Impact, the DFW based chain Village Burger Bar advertised $5.99 cheddar burgers during operating hours for May 28th.

The Trend Continues

Offering consistent and celebratory discounts to customers truly allows any massive restaurant chain to feel homey and local for guests, wherever they may be. Deal-hunters who have never tried the brand before may find a new go-to lunch order. Some may place much larger orders than usual to take advantage of the deal. The bottom line is that average American consumers just need one measly excuse to make a purchase, and National Day Deals give them that. Before you head out for a drive-thru lunch today, check here to make sure you’re not missing out on some festive and wallet-friendly discounts.

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