Retail News & Headlines
September 25, 2020

Top stories in retail news and the business headlines that interest us today.

Better Contactless Experiences

Better Contactless Experiences

“Major retailers are embracing technologies that allow them to offer and improve contactless experiences in an effort to attract consumers who may be concerned about contracting the coronavirus through interactions with other people and shared surfaces.”

Nike’s Online Business Is Booming

Nike Online Business

“Nike is proving during the pandemic that its big bets in digital are paying off, as consumers are turning to its website and app in record numbers to shop for sneakers and workout apparel.”

Walmart Ending One-Way Aisles

Walmart Logo

“At the end of August, the donut chain announced it would renew its collaboration with Boston-based Harpoon Brewery, which helped Dunkin’ launch a coffee porter last year. After the success of the coffee porter, Dunkin’ and Harpoon jumped the shark hand-in-hand and launched a full-on fall collection of donut-themed beer.”


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