Retail News & Headlines
November 13, 2020

Top stories in retail news and the business headlines that interest us today.

Walmart Pet Insurance

Walmart Logo

“Along with buying bags of dog and cat food, pet owners can now turn to Walmart to buy insurance and find a sitter for their beloved animals.

Starting Thursday, the retailer said it will sell pet insurance from Petplan and connect customers to dog walking and more through Rover. It is launching Walmart Pet Care, a new landing page on its website as a central hub where customers can find its full range of animal products and services.”

Sony PS5 Launch

Sony PS5 Launch

“The next-generation console, which retails for $500, or $400 without a disk-drive, was sold out on major retailing sites in Japan and the United States, with some conducting lotteries to distribute limited stock..”

Black Friday Store Hours

“Most big retailers like Walmart and Best Buy are spreading sales across several days, and the trend of opening on Thanksgiving has tapered off.”


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