Retail News: Top Stories
October 09, 2019

Top stories in retail news and the business headlines that interest us today.

The Brands Falling Out of Favor with Teens

Teen Fashion

Piper Jaffray released its latest survey on the shopping habits of teens and found 16 brands falling out of favor among male and female consumers. ”

Toys ‘R’ Us is back, sort of

Toys R Us

“Target is looking to win an even bigger share of holiday season toy sales this year.

To do that, the retailer, which last year won a ton of market share in the wake of the Toys ‘R’ Us bankruptcy, said on Tuesday it had landed a deal with Tru Kids Brands to relaunch in a move that will send toy shoppers its way.”

Jimmy John’s Introduces the Little John

Jimmy John's

“Jimmy John’s $3 Little John sandwiches are 6.5 inches long compared to the 2,800-unit chain’s standard 8-inch sandwich, which has an average price of around $5.50. Any of Jimmy John’s Original sandwiches — numbers 1 through 6 on the menu, plus the JJ BLT — in the smaller size.”


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