Retail News: Top Stories
February 7, 2020

Top stories in retail news and the business headlines that interest us today.

Retail Sustainability

Amazon Logo

“Amazon’s launch of free one-day shipping in 2019 rocked the retail boat. We first wondered how it would work (answer: further doubling-down on their fulfillment network), then how it would affect profit margins (answer: minimal), and finally how accretive it would be for Prime membership (answer: quite significant. Piper Jaffray expects 30% higher usage of Prime as a result). Walmart soon followed suit with their own one-day shipping program.

But with these questions answered in 2019, there’s a new one to answer in 2020: How will consumers rationalize their dependency on fast shipping with their stated sustainability goals?”

Abercrombie’s Body Positive Campaign

Abercrombie Body Positive Campaign

“The campaign features a mix of athletes, activists, performers, and authors, among others that have ‘made their mark on the world by living as their most authentic, brave and Fierce selves,’ Abercrombie said.”

Plant-Based Jerky

“If you’re going camping or hiking or just need a snack to bring to work, jerky has long been the non-perishable and protein-dense standby. And as the world of plant-based food continues to grow, beef and turkey are no longer the only jerky options on the shelf.”


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