Retail News: Top Stories
March 04, 2020

Top stories in retail news and the business headlines that interest us today.

Coronavirus Impacting Malls

Coronavirus Impacting Malls

“Traditional malls already face declining traffic, and, with reports that the outbreak is escalating in the U.S. making headlines in the past few days, that is set to worsen, according to Coresight researchers.”

Panera Bread Coffee Subscription

Panera Bread Coffee Subscription

“The subscription program launching on Thursday comes after the sandwich chain overhauled its breakfast and coffee offerings last year with new options like wraps. Iced coffee and hot tea will also be included in the program, which is part of Panera’s loyalty program.”

Target’s Big Investments

Target Logo

“Target is investing in its employees with higher wages and better training to position it as an employer of choice. To minimize the costs of the investments in labor, Target stated the improvement in supply chain and operational structure will offset the added cost in employee initiatives. Supply chain strategies include using robotics and artificial intelligence to support the warehouse team with task-oriented work such as sorting millions of products by store and by aisle.”


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