Retail News: Top Stories
May 22, 2020

Top stories in retail news and the business headlines that interest us today.

Retail’s New Normal

Retail's New Normal

“It’s anyone’s guess how quickly retail will mount any semblance of a meaningful rebound from the COVID-19 crisis. Yet, regardless of the pace and distribution of potential outcomes from such a recovery, five major forces are revealing themselves. I suspect few sectors will be untouched by their impact.” – @StevenPDennis

Pepsi ‘Dystopian’ Advertisement

Pepsi 'Dystopian' Advertisement

“The snack and soda giant was forced to revamp its advertising strategy due to the coronavirus pandemic, pulling campaigns such as #Summergram that showed people going outside.”

Reopened Retail Experience

Reopened Retail Experience

“Across the country, stores are reopening to a changed reality. Retailers that have spent years trying to get customers to linger, in hopes they’ll buy more than they need, are reimagining their stores for a grab-and-go future filled with deliberate purchases.”


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