By Jessica Kasney, Customer Impact Scheduler

Did you know we have been offering DIRECT DEPOSIT to our shoppers for over 2 years?! It is time to update your profile so you can join thousands of other shoppers who are receiving payment days earlier than those still using PayPal!

With DIRECT DEPOSIT, you can expect to receive payment between the 15th and the 20th of the month following your finalized shops. That is up to 5 days earlier than payments received via PayPal!


Absolutely! Access to your banking information is limited strictly to our CFO (Chief Financial Officer). We have the best providers and securities in place to protect your account information and the money that belongs to you. In fact, because you have an established relationship with your financial institution, it is easier and quicker to handle any discrepancies, questions, or concerns you have related to your money when using Direct Deposit.

Simply log into your shop log and click on the header title PROFILE. From your profile page, you can change your selection from PayPal to BANK. You will be asked to enter in your routing number and account number. This information will be replaced with asterisks **** for your safety as the data is being entered. There are no additional fees added for using direct deposit. In fact, this option saves our company money and time.

Direct Deposit
What are you waiting for? Switch to DIRECT DEPOSIT today!