Back-to-School Tips for Retail Brands

Back-to-school shopping is an important selling season for many retail brands. Clothes, accessories, shoes, school supplies, and electronics are all on the shopping lists of students and parents across the nation.

Is your brand taking the necessary steps to promote purchasing at the point-of-sale?

Record Spending in 2019

This season looks to be a significant one. According to the National Retail Federation, retailers can expect:

  • Total spending for K-12 schools and college combined is projected to reach $80.7 billion
  • Clothing and accessories will top K-12 families’ expenses at an average $239.82, followed by electronics at $203.44
  • College shoppers plan to spend the most on electronics ($234.69), followed by clothing and accessories ($148.54)

“Consumers are in a strong position given the nation’s growing economy, and we see this reflected in what they say they will spend on back-to-class items this year,” NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay said.

“We’re expecting record spending and retailers are ready to provide students with all the items they need for a successful school year.”

Source: Record spending expected for school and college supplies, National Retail Federation.

Tips for Retail Brands:

Keep Items In-Stock

Keep Items In-Stock

This may be an obvious one, but we see it all too often. A customer is ready to make a purchase, but can’t find your product on the shelf.

This is typically a failure in the merchandising plan or process.

Make sure your products are available when a customer is ready to purchase.

Maintain Product Displays

Maintain Product Displays

Disorganized presentation reflects negatively on your brand, and can deter customers from making a purchase.

It’s important to maintain shelf presence and product position so that your customers can find what they need, when they need it, without having to search extensively or ask a store associate. In the latter case, they might just decide to go with a different brand.

Where’s the Signage?

Eye-catching and informative signage is a great way to distinguish your products from the competition.

It will also help to bolster shelf-position and attract interest at the point-of-purchase.

Outshine the Competition

It’s crucial to provide the customer with the visual information they need to make a confident purchasing decision.

Combining all of these tips will surely give you the advantage over your competition during this back-to-school shopping season.

Trey Gaines
Digital Content Manager


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