Customer Impact a Recognized Physical Auditing Company of the PoC3

During the first quarter of 2019, Customer Impact has developed the infrastructure to fully support point-of-care operations.  The support services include distributing materials, updating print advertisement, and light maintenance of in-office installments.

As a result of their ongoing expansion into this service channel, the mystery shopping and merchandising company is now recognized by the Point of Care Communication Council (PoC3) as an acceptable physical auditor for point-of-care providers.

The company has streamlined both kitting and shipping processes, assigned a full operational team to manage ongoing projects, and dedicated a number of experienced Impact Representatives to provide service in doctors’ offices nationwide.

They perform any combination of the following tasks while in-office:

  • Confirm/correct office information, best contact, operating hours, etc.
  • Print material replenishment
  • Ad campaign updates
  • Fixture Maintenance
  • Light troubleshooting on electronic devices (tablets, digital wallboards, waiting room TVs)
  • External sales support

“Our partners have leveraged Customer Impact’s agile field team into a variety of spaces from traditional retail to grocery, events, food & bev, and ultimately the Point of Care. With our years of experience with key customers, we’re now a proud PoC3 preferred auditing company, which has allowed us to expand our reach to service more customers in different specialties. Understanding the delicate environment in medical facilities and physician’s offices, and what it takes to access those sites for our customers is truly unique to how we do business, and I couldn’t be prouder as we continue to expand our footprint in the PoC industry.”

Daniel Price
COO, Customer Impact

Customer Impact is an established company in the mystery shopping/merchandising industry, now emerging into the Point-of-Care sector.


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