Promoting a Customer Centric Culture

A well-intentioned entrepreneur starts a business they’re excited about. They gain a loyal following, build rapport with clientele, and continue to attract new customers each day with their altruistic approach to customer service. As demand outgrows supply, the business begins to grow. With each new hire, the business owner is further removed from the day-to-day, customer-facing operations of their business. The initial spirit of that customer centric culture is not maintained. It’s a timeless problem.

Finding Balance

American business owners like this one—especially those in the retail industry—are battling their own success to maintain the posture of compassion and humility that initially made them a stalwart brand within their industry. Many Founders & CEOs might find it difficult to maintain a balance of focus between the corporate campus and the daily in-store minutia. It’s the stuff of popular reality television (CBS’s Undercover Boss).  However, with a comprehensive market research program in place, it is possible to achieve both goals simultaneously.

Bridge the Gap

Customer Impact is capable of bridging the gap between corporate and consumer with service offerings like Retail Audits & Surveys, Retail Merchandising, & Fulfillment.

For example, our Retail Services team recently helped a large product manufacturer avoid a massive recall by replacing over 3,500 faulty in-store units. Similarly, our Merchandising field team helped maintain positive product representation to provide the best selection and experience for customers during a company’s key selling season. We are frequently hired to replace materials in stores nationwide, and then return within the month to gather data on the design’s success rate.

The Customer Impact

Our nationwide field team can help you deliver a consistent customer experience. Whether it’s retail data, Planogram compliance, signage placement, pricing audits, product rotation, or visual merchandising — we can help you maintain that customer centric culture.

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Business Development Manager
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