The Spirit of ’76

In a world overrun with automated systems and even self-driving cars, the following statement might surprise you: Customer Impact has an actual office building, and its employees walk through real doors each day to complete their duties in the same physical space—travel mugs, lunchboxes, office plants and all.

Two days a week, our Chief Operating Officer brings his rescue dog, Otis (the Chief Pawperating Officer), into work. Some of us keep treats in our desk drawers to curry favor with the pooch, since he’s pretty timid. On the open office floor, where most of us work, we sometimes call to one another with questions, advice, or ideas about ongoing projects. You get the point—we’re human.

Chief Pawperating Officer

Company Philosophy

Our conference room wall has this colonial painting called The Spirit of ’76, which was created by Civil War veteran Archibald Willard nearly a century after the battle it depicts. Our founder and CEO, Scott Hiller, keeps the image framed there, visible to anyone who meets in the room, because it exemplifies a company philosophy of ours. This week, we’d like to let our readers in on that piece of our office culture.

The painting centers on three members of the military band. Each man falls in step with the next as they play their respective instruments. An American flag flies over the scene as a man lays dying in front of the trio and swords pierce the billowing smoke behind them. To Customer Impact, those three marching men symbolize the three crucial functions of our business: Sales, Operations, and Technology.

All In Step

If any of those three functions fall out of rhythm with the other two, the company loses its momentum. Without a sturdy sales team, our Operations and Technology sit immobile and collect dust. Without a fully-functioning Operations team, we can neither honor our contracts with new clients, nor can we utilize the technologies at our disposal. Finally, without efficient technologies in place, from computers, to phones, to supporting software, our sales and operations teams screech to a halt.

There are plenty of metaphors to choose from on this matter—“We’re only as strong as our weakest link,” “No man left behind,” etc. For Customer Impact, however, The Spirit of ’76 provides a daily visual reminder that each and every one of our employees play a significant role in upholding our organization’s reputation of respect, humanity, and quality. From our compassionate CEO all the way down to shy, hungry Otis, Customer Impact’s Spirit of ’76 demands that we work as a team, valuing one another and supporting our coworkers’ important roles within the company.

Even as we take on new project tasks, develop new departments and positions within the company, and expand our workspace, Customer Impact chooses to stay focused on that left-right step, moving in synchronization to accomplish our goals.

McKenzie Allen
Business Development Manager
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