While anyone can be a mystery shopper, in order to be a successful mystery shopper certain skills and qualities are required.  Do you have what it takes to be a successful mystery shopper?  Answer these questions and find out!

ci_globe_search• Are you good at writing reports and mindful of grammar mistakes?  A shopper is required to write a report after completing a shop in most cases.  The report must be clear, concise, professional, and for the most part, free of grammatical mistakes.

• Do you have exceptional observation skills?  Mystery shoppers must be able to observe and explain the details of what happened while on a shop.

• Do you have a great memory?  The shopper must be able to remember the observations they made while on the shop and be able to translate those observations into the report.

ci_car• Do you have transportation?  A shopper must have a way of getting to the location that they are shopping.  Public transportation can be used in many cases, but some shops require the shopper to have their own transportation (i.e. valet or car wash shops).

• Do you have the technology required to complete shops?  Gone are the days of mailing in a report to a mystery shopping company.  Most reports are completed on-line at a companies report site, but there is also a trend of reports being completed using an app on a smart phone.  Shoppers need to stay on top of the current technology being used.

ci_green_animal• Are you able to be a Chameleon?  Mystery shoppers must have the ability to blend in with the regular customers.  The last thing a company wants is for someone to be spotted as a mystery shopper.  Being spotted jeopardizes the company’s relationship with the client, as well as jeopardizing the shopper’s relationship with the mystery shopping company.

• Can you follow directions?   Every shopping assignment comes with a clear set of instructions/guidelines.  The shopper must be able to follow those instructions to the last detail.

• Are you able to think quickly when something unexpected happens?  Adapting to something unexpected is vital.  Sometimes on a shop, the unexpected happens and a shopper must be able to react in a normal manner, without revealing themselves as a shopper.

• Do you have free time to complete a shop and report within the deadlines?  It is completely understandable that people mystery shop in their spare time.  However, you must make sure that you actually have the time to spare to complete both the shop itself and the report.  A shop could require little time (30 minutes or so) or it could require several hours.  The shopper must ensure that they have the time to complete both the shop itself and the report within the given deadlines.

• Are you punctual?  While some shops give flexibility on the hours it is to be completed, most shops must be completed during certain hours.  It is vital to the client that the shopper is punctual and arrives during the hours that they are given.

• Are you a person of integrity and responsibility?  Mystery shopping companies rely on shoppers to be ethical, responsible and honest.  The reports used by our clients are taken seriously.  They are often used for bonuses and promotions.  It is vital that the information in the reports be clear, concise and fact-based.

So are you up to the challenge of becoming a mystery shopper?  What other qualities do you feel are important in being a successful shopper?



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