By Amber Simmons, Customer Impact Scheduler

Social media, particularly Facebook, plays a huge role in today’s media-savvy world. Although it has only been around for a few years, Facebook has impacted customer service for many companies nationwide. Let’s take a look at a few benefits that Facebook has provided to customers.


  • Ratings/Reviews: Often times, ratings/reviews will be available on a company’s Facebook page. Whether it’s the local shop down the road or a well-known brand, customers can check out what other people are saying about their favorite place to eat or shop. This can help a customer decide whether it’s the right choice for them.
  • Special offers: Facebook has provided a way for companies to offer special promotions to their customers. Whether it’s a buy one, get one free deal, or a 20 % off coupon, businesses are apt to give shoppers these discounts in exchange for a Facebook “like.” This involves a person going to the company’s Facebook page, and “liking” it. The customer gets a discount or special offer and the company’s name gets promoted. This helps seal the deal for many customers on the fence about going to a particular restaurant or retail store.
  • Photos: Have you ever craved a hamburger, but didn’t know that’s what you were craving until you saw a picture of it? Restaurants and retail stores know this concept and utilize it. They are constantly posting photos of their newest menu additions and fashion trends. This serves customers because they can get a preview of what they’re buying before they actually go to the store and get it!


These are just a few ways that Facebook has affected customer service. Customer Impact also recognizes Facebook’s growth and has utilized it to increase their availability to potential clients and shoppers. So, in case you haven’t “liked” us or checked out our Facebook page, be sure to do so! Just search for Customer Impact, LLC. You’ll stay up to date on many of our available shop openings and be able to view photos of fun employee events in the office!