Fourth of July: Retail

This Independence Day, we’d like to draw special attention to one of our offerings in the Retail Services Department.

As families gather and make plans for long days in the sun, there are plenty of purchases to be made. Of course, there’s the issue of feeding everyone. Chips, sandwiches, dips, sodas, beer—the works. On top of that, the family probably needs sunscreen, bug spray, floaties for the children, and games for the adults.

Holiday Promotions

There’s a reason that the world of retail plans eagerly for active holidays like July 4th. They want to make it easy for the consumer to find the items they need—and to choose their brand over the others. That’s why there are towers of Coca-Cola at the grocery, temporary displays full of outdoor skincare, and seasonal red, white, and blue packaging as far as the eye can see.

For product manufacturers and marketers, every product has to arrive at its destination precisely on time, well-merchandised, and easily accessible to the buyer. Customer Impact’s third-party field team has been recruited, trained, and primed to accomplish all of these goals and more.

Our Field Team

Our nationwide network of representatives is eager for work, especially in the weeks before a national holiday. They’re trained to be detail-oriented, efficient, and experts at following in-depth instructions. Not only can they interact with purchasable products, they can also place marketing pieces, construct and install lightweight displays, and sell-in product just in time for key buying seasons.

And, even if our client has already handled the placement and inventory of their specialty items, our project managers can mobilize an auditing wave within days to gauge how consumers are receiving the campaign, and whether the product is moving faster than usual. By photographing prices, presentation and stock-level of SKU’s, and even gathering information on competitors, the Customer Impact field team will ensure that no invested brand waits blindly for the results of their hard work and planning.

Customer Impact’s ultimate goal is to partner with the brands we love to reach new levels of success in the retail industry. While our staff enjoys a long weekend full of fireworks, food, and fun, we’ll also be looking forward to the next big American retail push.

Happy 4th of July!

McKenzie Allen
Business Development Manager
800-677-2260 Ext.168


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