By Cameron Moser (Customer Impact editor)

Technology is a wonderful presence that has made our lives incredibly simple. We can now instantly do things that used to take ten times as long ten years ago. Lost and need directions? Pick up your cell phone and call for help.  Need to know movie times? There’s an app for that.

However, there is one place that I refuse to use the ease of technology. The self check out line at the grocery store. Yes, the self check out line is great, convenient and can reduce a lot of hassle. However, whenever I see those lines, I am usually filled with some level of anxiety. What if something goes wrong? What do I do? There’s an employee nearby who could help me, but what if they leave or have to help someone else? What if the machine breaks? Do I leave it or should I stand by it until someone notices? Instead of worrying about the dozens of possible worst case scenarios, I prefer the checkout lanes that come included with people. When I enter these, I know that 95% of the time, everything will run smoothly and a ruckus will not be created. I will admit, if I’m in a rush and I only have a few items, I will use the self check out and be on my way.

If I had my way, I would always be greeted by a friendly employee when arrived at the check out line. Seeing a friendly face is always a great way to end a long day of running errands. Having to deal with a computer only seems like another annoyance to deal with until I can finally go home and rest.

Technology is a great thing, but I don’t want it to completely replace the friendly employee greetings or smiles that I’ve grown accustomed to. A part of me would miss that human touch.



Featured Image by: FreeDigitalPhotos