Mystery Shopping For Groceries

One of the best things about mystery shopping is that you don’t have to set aside time during your day to perform a shop. Many assignments are for places that people go to on a regular basis. A quick lunch at a drive through, a date night at a fancy restaurant, even a Friday night at the movies can be used to earn some money.

Perfect examples of this are grocery stores. Everyone needs groceries, and the majority of people visit the grocery store a few times a month. Secret shopping is no different than any other standard visit. All you have to do is fill out a survey and get paid. We’ll even pay for some of your grocery items!


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Grocery Store Secret Shopping Can BeQuick & Easy!

Everyone has many things to accomplish in one day, and many do not want to add something more on top of their already busy schedule. However, mystery shopping can get two things done at once. No added hassle, just a form that takes 10-15 minutes to fill out. Also, getting help from a grocery store employee does not have to be a big hassle either and can open the door for you to learn about the food items you are purchasing. Maybe there is a recipe you have wanted to try out, but you aren’t sure where the ingredients are in the store. Asking an employee where specific items are located is an easy way to try out new food items, and the employees may even give you tips on the recipe itself.  They can also let you know the best time to get specific produce items or how to tell if the produce is ripe or not.  All of these interactions are great to add to a report and further enhance your visit to the store.

Mystery shopping does not have to be a stressful event. It can be a very rewarding experience because you are helping companies be better. The requirements of mystery shops, also, usually only serve to enhance your visit. Grocery store shops are always ready to be assigned, so take a look, because it might be the supermarket in your hometown!


Author: Cameron Moser – editor Customer Impact


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