These days, it seems like everyone is more stressed than they have ever been. Just Google the phrase “how to deal with stress,” and you will find thousands and thousands of articles dealing with that topic. The ways we deal with stress are as varied as the things that cause the stress to begin with. Personally, I find a good glass of wine always helps. I love to read, so losing myself in a book is great relaxation for me. Adult coloring books are now all the rage, and I find I really enjoy those also. If you liked to color as a child, I highly recommend them!

I did a quick poll of my coworkers to see how they de-stress and got a lot of great responses. My personal favorite was, “De-stress? Please tell me more about this concept!” Being serious, the list of things we do to relax is pretty diverse: cocktails or wine, video games, fishing and crabbing, crafting, drawing, seeing a movie alone, watching sports, getting a massage or pedicure, playing with a dog. So our question to you is, what do YOU do to de-stress? What helps you to relax and unwind after a long day? We would love to hear some of your ideas!