By Jessica Kasney, Customer Impact Scheduler

The holiday season is upon us. It is not uncommon to visit your local retail store in October to find aisles adorned with Thanksgiving and Christmas items. However, like most businesses, mystery shopping does not stop for the holiday season. In fact our clients, are extremely interested in how their staff handles this busy time of year.

As you begin to plan your shop load for this holiday season, please keep the following in mind!

  1. Weather – The weather this time of year is extremely unpredictable. Allow yourself extra time to arrive at your scheduled shop. The shop time frames are requested specifically by the client, so we often cannot accept shops if you do not arrive within the allowed time frame. If you know that the forecast is predicting bad weather, ask your scheduler ahead of time for a date range to complete your shop. We can be flexible with shop dates, but we need you to communicate with us.
    How to Avoid Holiday Hang Ups
  1. Holiday Plans – Keep in mind your own holiday plans when self-assigning shops during this time of year. If you are planning to travel or are expecting guests, it may not be a great idea to pick up your normal shop load during the holiday season. We would much rather you complete your assigned shops then have to cancel because you over booked!
    How to Avoid Holiday Hang Ups
  1. Traveling – If you are someone who is traveling this time of year, check the job board! We have shops all over the United States. You can easily type in a specific city on the job board to see what is available. Are you planning a trip now for later months? Give our scheduling department a call. We would be happy to make a note on our calendar to contact you when the date draws near and get you a shop near your destination!
  2. Referrals! – While you have visitors and are traveling to meet loved ones, don’t forget to talk with them about mystery shopping. Let them know how it works and how they can get signed up with us. Perhaps even schedule a shop while they are visiting so they can experience the process with you! We do offer a referral bonus, so please contact us for more information!
    How to Avoid Holiday Hang Ups

As the holiday season begins, we wish you all the best! Hoping you all have safe travels and enjoy making great memories with your loved ones!