Who doesn’t want to become a more productive and successful mystery shopper?  Following these tips below will result in smoother report submissions and possibly more shops in the future (if available).

  • If you have applied for a shop but have not heard whether or not you were accepted, please check your Shop Log. If you’ve been assigned a shop, the shop information will be in your Shop Log.   Also, you should receive an email from our Gateway site either way – accepted or not.  Please be sure that you have added the “@customerimpactinfo.com” domain name to your email friends list so that you don’t miss out on any emails from us.


  • Once assigned a shop, immediately log into your Shop Log and confirm the shop, then read the guidelines and form. Most questions shoppers have about assignments can be answered by simply reading the shop guidelines and form.


  • If you have questions regarding the shop dates, times, or instructions, immediately contact the scheduler who assigned the shop to you. Never wait until the day before a shop is due to contact us with problems or questions.  If you can’t remember your scheduler’s name or email address, simply click on the “Help/Contact” link in your shop log under the Actions column (just to the left of your shop due dates).  This will allow you to send a message directly to the scheduler.


  • Have a calendar in front of you when you are applying for shops. Canceling a shop because a shopper got their dates or times mixed up, or because they didn’t have a calendar at the time, is not an acceptable excuse.


  • Always complete your shops by the due date, and if you cannot, contact the scheduler immediately to either cancel or reschedule. Do not wait until the due date has passed to contact us.  Failing to complete a shop as scheduled will result in a negative citation being added to your Shop Log.  It is very important to complete your shop as scheduled once it is assigned to you.  Some shops are completed on a weekly basis, and if you fail to complete your shop, it affects every other shopper’s schedule.  This also affects the scheduler’s success rate for meeting their scheduling goals for the month.


  • Carefully note how many people (or adults) are allowed to go on the shop. The number of people/adults on a shop is usually written into the contract with the clients.  The shop comments and or guidelines will also let you know if children are not allowed, and in most cases, they are not allowed on shops unless otherwise noted.  Taking too many or too few guests with you on a shop can result in an invalid report, and the shopper cannot be paid or reimbursed.
  • Every client has a deadline, and thus all reports have deadlines as well. Reports must be submitted at our web site within 12 to 24 hours (depending on client) after the shop itself has been completed.  The shop due date is NOT the same thing as the report due date.  Regardless of the date you completed the shop, all reports must be submitted within 12 to 24 hours.  Occasionally, we can accept a report submitted past the 24 hour deadline if extenuating circumstances apply, but prior arrangements must be made with the scheduler.  Please contact your scheduler if your report will be late.  DO NOT submit a late report without letting the scheduler know.


  • Use the sample comments in your guidelines as a guide when writing your narratives. Those comments will show you exactly what we are expecting regarding the length and detail of your comments.
  • We reimburse/pay via PayPal and Direct Deposit. We must have your SSN on file by law.  There are no other payment methods.  Please make sure that the email address you use at our web site matches the email address you use for PayPal.  As long as those emails match up, and we have your correct SSN on file, you will be paid properly.  For Direct Deposit, you must enter in your banking information.  Make sure you double-check your bank name and account number.  Just one error in that information will cause your payment to be delayed.  All shops completed during the current month are paid the following month between the 15th and 25th.


  • Lastly, remember to HAVE FUN! If you’re having fun, whatever you’re job may be, it won’t ever feel like work.  Enjoy what you do and do what you enjoy!