By Mike Green, Customer Impact President

We have all heard the old adage, “You only get one chance at a positive first impression.” I am a member of AAA and had to use them for the first time last week, after having a blow out on the Interstate. The call started nicely enough until they told me my membership had expired, even though the card in my hand had a January 2016 expiration date. This is not a conversation you want to have on the side of the Interstate.

Towing TruckI finally surrendered and was transferred to a sales person in the membership department, so I could renew the membership that was not expired yet. Again, this was not what I expected in an emergency situation. After the 10 minutes sales process, including getting my credit card information, I was transferred back to the emergency person, who finally agreed to send a wrecker.

After another 30 minutes on the side of the highway and no service, we called AAA back and asked to be connected to the wrecker company to ensure they understood our location. The wrecker company told us they had never been called by AAA and could not help us until they received a call. The employee said it routinely takes them 30 minutes or more to call them. Once contacted, the driver arrived quickly. The wrecker company was only seven miles from us, but the time from our first call until actual service was over an hour.

I have always held AAA in high regard, but a lifetime of respect was all crushed on my first interaction with them in a time of need. I am not sure they will get a second chance. Have you had this experience? Did you give the company a second chance?