Written by Barbry Booth, Customer Impact Scheduling Manager

Do you remember when you first signed up with Customer Impact as a mystery shopper?  It may have been yesterday or it may have been five years ago.  Either way, it’s a good idea to log in and check your profile to make sure it is up-to-date and filled out completely.  Be sure to check the following:

Your contact information:  Is your address and phone number current?  How about that old email address you created just for mystery shopping, but possibly forgot about?  We often reach out to shoppers through email and by phone, whether it is for that one of a kind shop we need filled that isn’t being advertised on our job board or to request additional information on a recent report.  Either way, having the correct contact information is crucial.  If you are easily reachable your chances of getting more shops increases.

MSPA Certification:  Did you take an MSPA certification course since registering with us?  If so, be sure your MSPA code is entered into your Profile.  This is another great way to gain visibility with schedulers.  Of course you always want to maintain a high shopper rating, whetheryou’re certified or not.  Being MSPA certified doesn’t guarantee you a shop, but it can get your foot in the door.  If you haven’t checked out the MSPA’s certification courses, I highly recommend you do.

Extended profile questions:  Over time we have added extended profile questions to all shopper profiles.  If you want to apply for assignments, these questions must be answered.  Answering those questions makes you eligible for more shops.  While you are not required to answer those questions, doing so does greatly increase your chances of getting more shops from Customer Impact.

IC Pro:  Never heard of IC Pro?  Then check out http://www.jobslinger.com/AboutICPro.  Declare yourself an Independent Contractor Professional to help the industry protect against less shops and lower fees.  You’ll stand out as a true professional mystery shopper – your IC Pro badge appears right beside your name when our schedulers are looking at applicants.  We know that shopper has taken the serious step in declaring themselves as a professional independent business.  And yes, you do need a JobSlinger account to use IC Pro, but both JobSlinger and IC Pro are free.

Log in to your Profile today through www.customerimpactinfo.com to make certain everything is updated!  Also, check out IC Pro and the MSPA certification site if you haven’t already.  There’s some great information at both sites.  Happy shopping!

For more information on how to become a mystery shopper, visit our website.