By  Barbry Booth, Customer Impact Scheduler

We are continually working to provide our shoppers with information and tools to help make their mystery shopping experience both fun and rewarding.  This past month, we’ve rolled out some improvements on our web site that all shoppers can benefit from!

Improved Job Board – Viewing a list of shops in your area was great, but seeing an actual map with the shops available is even better!  Not only can you view a map of shops, you now have the ability to filter the shops by business classification (retail, fast-food, fine dining, etc.).  This allows the shopper to easily and quickly identify the shops they are most interested in for their area.  You can also search for shops by address, zip code, city/state or by radius.

Qualified Self Assign – This is not a new Sassie feature, but it is new to Customer Impact!  We’ve enabled Qualified Self Assign for a large number of the shops we have available.  What does this mean?  If you meet all of the self assign qualifications for the shop, you may instantly SELF ASSIGN the shop to yourself.  If you only meet the basic qualifications, you can only APPLY for shops.  So, even if you don’t meet the qualified self assign requirements, you can still apply for the shop and then wait for the scheduler to assign it to you.  So please, even if you don’t meet the initial requirements for the shop, DO apply!

Photo Upload Rotation Tool – Have you ever uploaded a photo or receipt to a report only to find that it’s upside down or sideways?  Now you have the power to rotate that image to its correct position.  Just click the rotate button under the image!


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ShopNotifier Although not new, this is definitely worth mentioning.  This app was developed by SurfMerchants, the geniuses behind Sassie.  The user receives a copy of ALL of their Sassie shop offers in one place, right there on the app.  The notification of the shops is almost instantaneous, and definitely faster and more reliable than email.  Best of all, you don’t have to worry about missing out on great shops by deleting those pesky emails from your inbox, and you can forget about checking your spam folder for Sassie emails completely.   Go to this link for more information on ShopNotifier!

We will continue to improve upon ways of helping our mystery shoppers get more shops easier and faster!  

Do you have any ideas that would make your mystery shopping experience more fun and rewarding?  Have you checked out our new Job Board?   

Featured Image by: FreeDigitalPhotos