By Amber Simmons, Customer Impact Scheduler


It’s 2015! A New Year generally means one thing to almost everyone – change is on the horizon! New Year’s resolutions are created, whether they are new goals, aspirations, or things to accomplish. A new year brings a new chance to make something happen that you might not have completed the previous year. What does a new year mean for a mystery shopping company? A variety of things! Here are just a few:
• The New Year means new clients! That’s right, keep an eye out on your job board for a restaurant or retail store you haven’t shopped before. Restaurant and retail stores have been waiting to launch their mystery shopping debut until the start of 2015.

• The New Year means new faces for the company’s team! Customer Impact has added a new scheduler to our team in preparation for what is to come! We are excited to have Jessica Kasney working with us. If you are receiving emails from a name you don’t recognize, more than likely it means that we’ve made room to add someone to our team!

• Finally, the New Year means the chance to evaluate old goals within the company and bring forth new ones. The company will evaluate the previous year and decide what areas still need growth and what areas are already growing! New goals mean widening the shopper database, the client database, and the company’s overall growth. We are always looking for ways to expand our business. Take advantage of our $15 referral bonus while we have it. If you refer someone who successfully completes a shop for us, that’s $15 in YOUR pocket.

So, what do these changes mean for you, the shopper? It means we are doing our best to provide more opportunities for you! So be patient with us, because whether a group of restaurants is remodeling a few locations and will be closed for a week, or a new restaurant gets posted but only has a few available dates, we want to help make your shopping experience great. Work with us to make 2015 the best year yet for mystery shopping!



Featured Image by Pixabay