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July 02, 2020

Top stories in retail news and the business headlines that interest us today.

Record Fireworks Sales Expected

Record Fireworks Sales Expected

“Firework sellers say they are seeing huge gains in firework sales, with some seeing jumps of 200% to 300% in sales, and even more expected in the days leading up to July Fourth, according to Julie Heckman, president of the American Pyrotechnics Association.”

Coca-Cola Discontinuing Odwalla Juice Brand

“Product placement just ain’t what it used to be—and boy, is that a good thing. What originated as an old-school Hollywood function to beat housewives over the head with brand names and ‘must-have’ products, has transformed into a modern, data-driven marketing tool that works for everyone involved.”

The Tech Tracking Customers

“Video cameras and traffic-counting systems retailers have had in place for decades are being re-deployed in the Covid-19 era to monitor compliance with occupancy and social distancing rules and as health screeners that can alert a manager if someone with an elevated temperature enters a store.”


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