Retail News: Top Stories
June 25, 2020

Top stories in retail news and the business headlines that interest us today.

Companies Boycotting Facebook

Facebook Boycott

“A Facebook ad boycott gained momentum Tuesday, with seven major companies pledging to halt advertising with the social media platform for July to protest Facebook’s failure to remove hate speech.”

Product Placement in 2020

“Product placement just ain’t what it used to be—and boy, is that a good thing. What originated as an old-school Hollywood function to beat housewives over the head with brand names and ‘must-have’ products, has transformed into a modern, data-driven marketing tool that works for everyone involved.”

In-Store Surveillance

In-Store Surveillance

“The law [California Consumer Privacy Act] requires businesses to disclose what personal information they collect from consumers at or before the time it is collected. It gives state residents the right to request data collected about them be deleted and to forbid a business from selling it.”


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