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October 02, 2020

Top stories in retail news and the business headlines that interest us today.

Little Demand For Costumes

“With grown-up celebrations — costume parties, block parties and holiday bar crawls — largely on hold this year because of the pandemic, early sales have been largely confined to lawn decorations and children’s costumes. Shop owners say that shift is impacting their bottom lines: Adult costumes and accessories, which can easily add up to more than $100, typically bring in the majority of their seasonal revenue and profits.”

Prime Day 2020

Amazon Logo

“Amazon Prime Day 2020 will be unlike any other since its debut five years ago. Amid the backdrop of a pandemic and recessionary headwinds, this year’s event promises significant changes that will shake up the entire retail landscape heading into the holidays.”

Digital Still Sucks

“Those are the conclusions of an almost-3,000-person international study on brands, people, and digital experiences. Essentially, our pandemic habits have become exactly that: habits. And they’re going to stick around for at least some period of time, even after Coronavirus is gone. But unfortunately, the digital infrastructure that we’ve built to replace our former shopping and dining and travel habits … still has gaping holes. And still doesn’t really meet our needs the way it theoretically could.”


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