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May 28, 2021

Top stories in retail news and the business headlines that interest us today.

Retailers’ Diversity Pledges

Retailers' Diversity Pledges

“Companies have made pledges and earmarked donations over the past year. Yet the expanding assortment of Black-owned goods on national retailers’ shelves and websites has become one of the most visible signs of change in the corporate world.”

Amazon’s Third-Party Pricing Lawsuit

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“The attorney general filed a complaint alleging Amazon uses anticompetitive practices to control third-party sellers’ pricing on and off its marketplace. The complaint takes issue with Amazon’s fair pricing policy, which lets Amazon restrict or suspend a product’s sales if it finds it’s listed for a ‘significantly higher’ price on Amazon than it is on another site.”

Mattel’s Green Makeover

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“Mattel is giving parents a way to keep past-their-prime Barbies, castoff Matchbox cars, and unwanted Mega construction bricks out of landfills with a toy takeback program announced today.

The program, Mattel PlayBack, promises to give unloved old toys a second life by recycling their plastic parts into new products.”


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