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June 02, 2021

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Canned Cocktails

Canned Cocktails

“The rise of hard seltzer has fueled the growing popularity of canned cocktails. Ready-to-drink vodka sodas or gin and tonics appealed to consumers looking for a stronger taste or more alcoholic drink, and the category has expanded with greater variety.”

Meat Supplier Cyberattack

Meat Supplier Cyberattack

“Over the weekend, hackers hit the only piece of American infrastructure more critical than the Colonial Pipeline: the burger supply.

JBS, the world’s largest meat processor, had to shut down North American and Australian operations Monday following a coordinated ransomware attack. The company told the White House that it believes a criminal organization based in Russia is behind the hack.”

Costco In-Store Sampling Comeback

Costco Logo

“Costco’s sampling and food court programs don’t have a large direct impact on the company’s bottom line, but they do round out the store experience that the club retailer relies so heavily upon and has been so eager to fully reinstate as pandemic restrictions lift.

After pulling its sampling stations last March, the club retailer implemented some stations that handed out pre-prepared products like crackers and cookies in individual containers that couldn’t be consumed inside the store.”


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