Retail News: Top Stories
September 20, 2019

Top stories in retail news and the business headlines that interest us today.

Old Navy to Open More Stores

Old Navy Store

“Old Navy outlined plans Thursday to open 800 new stores, its first major announcement since the Gap, its parent company, announced it would¬†spin off¬†the lower-priced brand.”

Walmart to Stop Selling Vaping Products

Walmart to Stop Selling Vaping Products

“Walmart Inc. will stop selling all e-cigarettes in its U.S. stores, citing regulatory uncertainty around the vaping devices after the White House announced plans to ban most flavors.”

Plant-Based Meat Survey

Beyond Meat Burger

“A recent survey on the plant-based meat market by Bank of America Merrill Lynch shows that sentiment for the growing industry is still high.

More than two-thirds of consumers surveyed said that they would consider or had already bought a plant-based protein option, the study showed. In addition, of that group, roughly 40% said they intended to repeat the purchase.”


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