By Daniel Price, Customer Impact Scheduler

If your life is anything like mine during December, the hustle and bustle of the holidays begins to creep into every aspect of your day. It seems that for about 3 weeks, we are consumed with traveling plans, multiple weekends with different parts of the family, shopping for gifts, figuring out who is cooking what, and more. The one thing this means is that your normal routine will be off, and those three weeks will likely be quite chaotic. However, mystery shopping can help save the day more than you know! While many shoppers disappear during the holidays, smart shoppers are eagerly seeking job assignments. Here’s a few ways that mystery shopping during the hectic holidays can benefit you!


Why restaurants? Usually the holiday season means less time to cook meals for the family, less time that the whole family will be available to eat at the same time, and more time spent out and about during meal periods. Those fast food or casual dining shops you usually look over might just provide more value to you during the holidays. The idea of a free fast-food meal and some gas money may not have been as appealing once, but now that you’re out and you have to eat, you might as well let a Mystery Shopping Company pay for your meal! To-go shops can be great for convenience when running around town. Pick up some meals for the family and complete a to-go shop while you do it!

Holiday Shopping


This should be a no brainer. Not only would picking up retail shops get you into many of the stores you will have to shop anyway, you’ll get paid to do so! If you know you need to go buy someone that latest gift at a local hardware store or electronics store, scour the job boards and find a shop for you to pick up on the way. Oftentimes, this offsets a purchase you have to make anyway, and you’ll get a little extra compensation for your time. Mystery shopping at a certain retail outlet may also trigger a great gift idea for someone you have been struggling to find a gift for.

Extra Money

As stated, many shoppers go into hibernation during the holidays. With less shoppers out there actively seeking shops, there are more opportunities for you to pick some up! The best thing about mystery shopping during the holidays is the money you earn doing so can help offset the costs of all those gifts you just bought!

I’ve written about placing the proper value on everything you do before, and it is so true during the holidays. What may not have seemed important or worth your time during the normal months and regular work schedules might just become your saving grace during the holiday chaos. Not having to worry about cooking dinner and bringing home pizza from a mystery shop might have more value to you when your life is so consumed with other things during the holidays. It is always important to use mystery shopping as a means to get the most value out of shopping and dining. So go out there, get those gifts, and be part of the holiday madness, but let mystery shopping help take the stress off just a bit.

Happy shopping, and Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays




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