by Patsy Grant  (Customer Impact scheduler)

The Mystery Shopper is the lifeline of the Mystery Shop Providers data, providing us with the information our clients need to make informed customer service business decisions.  But who is this masked shopper?

Like regular customers, shoppers come from many walks of life.  Some of our shoppers are teachers, police officers, clerical workers, or stay at home parents.  Others have advanced degrees and hold jobs as doctors, lawyers, or professors.  Many shoppers are retired.  Some shoppers have very limited incomes while others are jet-setting businessmen and women.

While they come from varied socio-economic backgrounds, good shoppers share some common traits.  Mystery shoppers are individuals who like to shop, appreciate good customer service, and want to make a positive impact on the client’s customer service.  They often accept shop assignments at types of establishments they already frequent.  Shoppers are observant, detail oriented, follow instructions, write well and are reliable.  They understand that the client will take their reports seriously to make important business decisions, so they are careful to adhere to the guidelines of the shop and give an objective account of their experience.

As a scheduler, I’ve enjoyed interacting with our shoppers and getting to know a few of the regulars.  I appreciate their different personalities and their willingness to work with me and the rest of the Customer Impact staff to provide our clients with high quality performance feedback.




Featured Image by: FreeDigitalPhotos